Advanced Telecom Inc
     Panasonic Factory Authorized and Certified Dealer

                          Advanced Telecom installs certified wiring networks utilizing Cat5e, Cat6, and Fiber Optic cabling structures. We use only products from quality manufacturers such as ICC, Leviton, Chatsworth, Berc Tec, and others to insure the longevity and reliability of your network. 

 Each cable is tested to insure that it will perform at the standards set for the grade of cable utilized. All cables and patch panels are clearly labeled for ease of identification. All installation above ceiling level is either on cable trays or installed in cable rings, and never laid on ceiling tiles or other construction.     

      Equipment racks utilize horizontal and vertical wire management to neatly organize patch cables and fiber jumpers for easy identity of those requiring redistribution. Racks are secured using overhead ladder and properly bolted to the floor in both traditional and raised floor environments and racks
are grounded to building ground.

     We are available to assist you with the planning and implementation of your network
infrastructure including wiring closets and server rooms at no charge. Regardless of how
large or small your wiring network is you can depend on Advanced Telecom to provide a
trouble free, quality installation  that will give you many years of reliable performance.

                                         Advanced Telecom installs both multimode and single mode fiber products
 in either 62.5 or 50 micron ratings. All terminations are made using Corning products and all fibers are tested to insure compliance with your network requirements.